Do Not Listen Vol. 2

by Sheer Velocity

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***Download the album and get three bonus tracks: "Newt", "Seance" and "Thug Party"!***

From early January to mid-March 2012, I turned off my phone and recorded 60-some instrumentals. When each session was done, the mix was exported to a folder titled "Do Not Listen". This intention was to open the folder and listen to everything at a later date, with fresh ears, to see what I liked. I figured I'd get an album out of it.

Turns out, I really liked about half of the "tunes". So I'm releasing Do Not Listen in two chunks; Volume 1 came out a couple weeks ago and now, if you're ready for it, here's Vol 2.

As always, each of these instrumentals was written, recorded and mixed in one sitting (give or take). For the most part, I was trying to write challenging but gorgeous chord progressions to solo over, and find the balance between beauty and absurdity. Did I succeed? I dunno but I really like this stuff.


And thanks to Matt Picone at Fractal Audio (AxeFX) and Joe Waltz and Alan Chaput at Eventide (the 'Factor stompboxes) for helping me achieve all the sonic demolitions I hear in my head, and more.

~andee blacksugar


praise for earlier Sheer Velocity releases:

"A precision-fingered assemblage of daredevil works...its exotic geometries will be impressed in the fertile fields of your musical mind" - FRACTAL AUDIO

"Like early Steve Vai with Rob Zombie producing. Really clever compositions and soundscapes...the best guitar album I've heard in years!" - ANDY WOOD, Down From Up

"F**king amazing!" - DUG PINNICK (King's X)

"Dude you are the SICKEST!" - VERNON REID (Living Colour)


"Sounds like Jeff Beck on acid" - Fabrice Pieri

"Andee Blacksugar is on another planet." - D. A. Karkos

"Guaranteed to: rattle your brain/twist your ear drums in knots/make you feel like you've fallen into a gigantic kaleidoscope/make you feel like you're fleeing a futuristic city that's about to explode while riding on a magic carpet as you're being pursued by sexy shape-shifters in a space ship." - Teague Clements

"This reminds me of the first time I listened to Flex-Able from Steve Vai" - Chad Von Haden

"If you play guitar, this may be frustrating for you. This guy creates more top notch music than anyone I know!!" - Matt Farley

"Fusion, jazz, metal, how about just plain brilliant. Fasten your seat belts. Another can of whup ass from Andee Blacksugar." - Hank Dunne

"The Salvador Dali of guitar" - Jeff Campbell


released April 26, 2012

all noises by Andee Blacksugar
cover image by D. A. Karkos



all rights reserved


Sheer Velocity Brooklyn, New York

When Andee Blacksugar is not busy tending to his hair, he records stacks and stacks of stream-of-consciousness instrumentals like these.

Sheer Velocity is a creative palette-cleansing, which drains off the more bizarre and indulgent musical notions that rattle around in this songwriter's head.

Each piece is conceived, written, recorded and mixed in one sitting.
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